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a unique nature experience

You stay in a tent for a week.

This is attractively furnished with wonderful mattresses, duvets, a table and benches.. 


There are 8 tents on the site, everyone has their own separate place. There is a common place to make fire, cook and sit together.


You can prepare your meal at your tent.

No cars are allowed on the property.

Upon arrival you will receive a wheelbarrow to bring your material to the tent, a jerry can to fill with water so that you also have water at your tent.. 


There are 3 bathrooms with shower and toilet.

And, there are a few open air showers where you can simply rinse off on a hot day to cool down.


A gift for yourself, free time in nature.. 

A place to catch your breath, .. a base for bike rides, walks, .. 


a place out of the sun

The site can get very hot in the summer, but fortunately there are plenty of shady spots, including where you can sit with your feet in the river.


To cook

Cooking on a two-burner stove is anything but boring. At the market or in our camp store you will find delicious ingredients to get started with .. and .. there is a camp cookbook.


to bathe

Need a bath? Slow down.. heat up your water and build your own shower... a unique experience... showering in the open air.

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